Solstice 75 Count Humidor Mahogany


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The Solstice is the perfect humidor for beginners who want to start collecting and enjoying all that the world of cigars has to offer. As your collection grows you don't have to worry about running out of space immediately. If that day does come you will always have a perfect show humidor to keep your favourite sticks close at hand. We include only the most premium components in our humidors to ensure you have a worry free experience!


  • Spanish Cedar Interior
  • Spanish Cedar Dividers
  • Spanish Cedar Tray
  • Brigham Round Digital Hygrometer
  • Brigham Oasis 100 Humidifier
  • Brass Lock and Key
  • Brigham Humidor Solution

Width 36.2cm x Height 13.6cm x Depth 22.5cm