About Us

Brigham & MORE is the re-entry of a Brigham retail tobacconist into Toronto, Canada. After more than 19 years we are proud to announce that we have stepped back into the retail world of premium tobacco so that all of our customers and friends can once again enjoy what they deserve most, a warm place to come and talk about all the things in life that make it worth living.

Over the history of Brigham Pipes there have been many dates and times that mark great events in our history.

  • 1906: Roy Brigham opens the original pipe repair shop in Toronto.
  • 1918: The shop has grown to include 5 master craftsmen that establish Brigham as the best quality pipes in Canada.
  • 1938: Herb joins his father in the family business and they make it through the Great Depression.
  • 1947: The Rock Maple Distillatior is invented to cut down on the “tongue bite” that so many pipe smokers come across, but it does not take away any of the flavour.
  • 1960: More than 40 craftsmen work full time producing Brigham Pipes that are enjoyed near and far.
  • 1978: Mike Brigham joins his father and together Brigham Pipes continues to grow.
  • 2015: Brigham & MORE opens on Queen St. in Toronto to continue the traditions that have been built over a century.

Brigham & MORE strives to uphold the tradition and quality of service that is expected from the world’s premium Tobacconist. In this endeavor we have imported the finest cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and smoking accessories from around the world so that we can meet the needs and demands of any and all aficionados and epicureans. We are also always looking for new and interesting items that make life a little more convenient and interesting.

As the laws around smoking continue to tighten, we strive to give you a warm and welcoming environment where you can enjoy your cigars and pipes. One of the last areas you can legally enjoy sitting down and enjoying a premium smoke in Toronto is on our back patio. The warm atmosphere is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy. From a lunch time break to a weekend spent relaxing and lounging, we want you to enjoy yourself and come back as often as possible.

Always remember, a premium cigar or pipe is an event that is just waiting to happen.