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Stop Plain Packaging

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Please spread the word.  Share around, tell your friends.  On August 31st Health Canada will decide how to proceed with plain packaging for tobacco in Canada.  Currently they are advocating plain packaging for all tobacco products including premium Cigars and Pipe Tobacco. 

Despite being deemed unequivocal failures by the people who implemented similar packaging in Australia and England, Health Canada is using them as a model. 

The reality is this will increase the cost of cigars in Canada (even more!), increase Black Market sales which will cause tax increases to recoup lost revenue and diminish the products available to you. 

But frankly, if this comes into effect, Brick & Mortar stores will start disappearing across Canada.  If you attach any value to a local tobacco shop, to cigar culture and drawing a line you should speak up. 

The government relies almost exclusively on input from special interest groups that would advocate complete illegality of tobacco if they could.

Make your voice heard now, before August 31st to give the opinion of an average Canadian to stop pointless, ineffective and punitive legislation and regulation.

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  • Adam on

    Ridiculous to be honest … might as well do the same with fast good packaging. It’s only fair ..

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