Brigham Pipe of the Year 2015: The Four Elements

Posted by Ian Posen on

 Brigham Pipe of the Year 2015
Every year Brigham creates a new pipe of the year that aims to keep us thinking about what brings us all together. In the past we have done pipes that honor our heritage as a company and ones that honor our history as a country. This year we have chosen to go a different route, this year we have started our four year series about the four elements.

Fire is the first element that comes to mind when we think about warmth and strength. To embody this we have created a modified Volcano Pipe with a straight grain that makes it look like the pipe is already set ablaze. The deep red stain helps with the illusion and makes it feel as if it is already warm to the touch. Accompanying the pipe is a multi-purpose tamper cut from the same block of briar so that your pipe and tamper are always meant to be together. By unscrewing the top of the tamper you will find a poker and reamer combination that will always stay with your tamper so that you will never be without your most essential pipe tools. We are limited to 125 examples so be sure to reserve your number and get the entire set as it comes out over the next four years.

If you have any questions please give us a call at (416)482-8060 or email us at


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  • That is a lovely looking pipe

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