Santa Damiana

Adjacent to Cuba, the Dominican Republic is on an island that shares a similar climate and rich soil conditions which enable the growth of tobacco of the finest quality. The tobacco leaves are lighter in body than their Cuban counterparts, but have a complexity of flavours and held in high esteem by many and enjoyed by connoisseurs everywhere. Today the Dominican Republic is one the largest producers of premium hand made cigars in the world. The country that makes up most of the eastern side of the island of Hispaniola is a fertile, well-watered land with a semi-tropical climate tempered by prevailing easterly winds. Temperatures of at least 74oF are registered in the lowlands throughout the year. These cigars are made in the Tabacalera de Garcia factory at La Romana on the south-eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. These are fine quality Hand-Made cigar from Jamaica, the Caribbean sun and warm sea breezes combine to produce excellent growing conditions for first class tobacco. Mid flavour with a light wrapper leaf.

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